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Hildebrand Attorneys was founded in 2011 by Jan Hildebrand. The firm’s offices are situated in the heart of Cape Town in close proximity to the High Court, the Magistrate’s Court, the major South African banks, the South African Revenue Services and the Deeds Office.

Hildebrand Attorneys provides legal services to its clients which are not only result orientated but also cost effective and take into account the specific circumstances unique to the individual client. Litigation has become increasingly expensive for litigants and at the same time more and more complex. Strategic thinking in problem solving approaches is essential and Hildebrand Attorneys appreciates the responsibility which clients wish to place with their attorneys: an understanding of both the pecuniary aspects involved as well as the emotional and physical challenges with which clients engaged in litigation and negotiations pertaining to commercial matters are faced.

Having previously worked in an international law firm for 7 years servicing to a large degree German speaking and other international clients, Jan Hildebrand has developed extensive knowledge in numerous fields of law . Consequently, Hildebrand Attorneys is able to offer a wide spectrum of legal services as appears on the Services page and is committed to rendering these with integrity and empathy.

Jan Hildebrand is a German speaking attorney practicing in South Africa. He holds Bachelor degrees in Business Science (B.BusSc) and Law (LLB) from the University of Cape Town and has been living in Cape Town since 1995.

Hildebrand Attorneys is pleased to welcome Gerhard Claassen and Louwhanda Kilian as Associates to the firm.

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