Heritage (Day) at Hildebrand!

South Africa is rich in vibrant and diverse cultures which makes up our nation.  Colourful, inclusive, diverse and unique, are just a few words to describe some of the aspects that were emphasised at this year’s Heritage Day celebration at Hildebrand Attorneys. 

To commemorate Heritage Day, we got together as a team and joined forces in celebrating our diverse cultures and heritage within our firm. It was also more than just a reflection and the discovery of different cultures (and their heritage), it also lent itself to the opportunity of welcoming, and discovering more of our new colleagues. We just couldn’t think of a better way of welcoming and integrating our new team members! 

Some of the team members ‘Show and Share’..

Listening to the traditions handed down by previous generations of our colleagues, was one of the day’s highlights. From practically conversing in each other’s  languages, to sharing some insights into our cultures and heritage, to having a taste of Umqombothi and, of course, sharing good food on the braai grid, it was nothing short of a touching and a colourful learning experience. 

A rather important element of connecting, food!
Sharing a taste of Umqombothi..

The unprecedented times we are all facing and the uncertainty of when the pandemic will come to an end has indeed profoundly affected our way of life, including the social and cultural fabric of our nation, and the world beyond. Many of our cultural traditions and customs have had to take a back seat and our artists and cultural ambassadors have suffered greatly from the restrictions that have been imposed to manage the spread of the virus. Whilst the pandemic has caused many of us to turn on our survival mode and focus on those closest to us at the expense of our larger community, Heritage Day may be an occasion that we should devote considerably more attention to this year.

Jan, Donna and Vusa, representing the different Country Flags present in the firm!

We believe that celebrating days like these at the firm is an important part of how we encourage inclusivity and recognise the diversity that adds strength to our firm. In times of increased polarisation and societal and economic upheaval, it is refreshing to draw inspiration from our rich cultural heritage. If we move away from being inclusive to embracing and being appreciative of each other, the significance of this day will become more evident, not just from a political but even more so on a personal and work place perspective. Celebrating Heritage Day, allows us to to appreciate our diverse cultures which is a part of us and should be used to be a catalyst in the continuation of building our nation.  

We hope that the celebrations taking place today will advance the cause for the greater appreciation of our cultural heritage.

Your Hildebrand Attorney Team!


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