Hey, do you have time for a quick coffee?

Theres nothing like the aroma of coffee beans being brewed, bru!

It’s Friday and what better way to kick off the day (and weekend) with a good brew and even better conversation – because we all know great ideas start with good coffee. 😉

There’s something about connecting over coffee. Perhaps it’s the informalness of the cup-in-hand. Perhaps it’s the aroma. Perhaps it’s just the coffee. Whatever it is, we’re loving that it’s taking us back to where we were, honest connections. 

Table Mountain peeking through with its occasional table cloth!

Honest Connections for us is key. It serves as the foundation of every facet of our firm. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating an environment where anyone and everyone feels welcome to share their story, express their opinions and know that their feelings are respected. After all, effectively connecting (and communicating) with the purpose of delivering, receiving, and understanding the message clearly is our goal. And in a world where electronic communication is the norm, grabbing a cup of coffee (or tea together) creates an opportunity to talk face-to-face rather than through email or text messages. Also, the definite energy and focus boosting properties coffee presents (or so some say!) gets us out of our seats and moving around! Or maybe the need to find a quiet spot to legally connect with oneself.

Namhla catching a quick moment before Heads of Argument is due to start..

There are so many reason to have a good coffee conversation and we hope that you will also be encouraged to use a cuppa as a way to facilitate more conversations that connects and builds.

And whilst our office may not boast a coffee shop filled with the hustle and bustle of freelancers in need of WIFI and/or early risers in need of a fix, we definitely boast a coffee spot that is the envy of many! 

Colourful Cape Town!

Cheers to a good Friday!


The Hildebrand Attorneys Team!

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