Little Streams, Large Values!

Following various in-depth workshop on staff members’ personality profiles and the overall team profile, as facilitate by Facets of Growth during the last few years, we at Hildebrand Attorneys decided that it was time to reflect more closely on the underlying values that shape our business and our interaction with clients and stakeholders.

However, we did not want to simply identity, debate and publicise some politically correct or abstract values in order to pin them up on a wall, but instead search for the values that truly mean something for our firm and to fully align ourselves with them. This, we believe is achieved by having our values permeate through the workings of our firm and making them noticeable to everyone who approaches our offices and interacts with us. Values can set the tone for how we do business and keep us accountable. Over the years and especially during recruitment processes we have noticed that there are underlying values that create synergies within our team and draw us together. We have never formally sought to extrapolate them and felt that it was high time that we took stock of what values underpinned our firm and in this regard we approached Facets of Growth to have an external service provider facilitate a values session with our team.

Ready to explore and get the morning session started!

On Friday, 4 December 2020, we finally capitalised on the sunshine and broke away from the office and the hustle and bustle of the City to meet in the peaceful, plush and scenic surrounds of Little Streams in Constantia. The team (unfortunately some of our staff members could not attend) arrived expectant as we knew that the day would provide an opportunity for us to introspect, contemplate, identify and refine our firm’s values and more importantly how we fit into the mix and how the values can come alive and shape our workings and personal interactions.    

Facilitation by Facets of Growth

Facets of Growth facilitated the team breakaway which was broken down into three parts:

  • Firstly, introspecting, creatively illustrating and then sharing our personal journeys with Hildebrand Attorneys from our first day at the office to the present.
  • Secondly, introspecting and sharing with the team our personal values with a focus on one dominant personal value and how we can implement the particular value in our personal and professional lives. The team got creative and personal values ranged from Inner Harmony and Authenticity to Relationships and Respect. 
  • Thirdly, the team considered and identified values that can be attributable to our firm. This involved meaningful discussions on how we as a firm want to position and characterise ourselves in the industry and delve deep into what is unique about Hildebrand Attorneys. Whilst we could identify a number of values, the more difficult aspects of the discussion were honing in on our core values as so many values are important to us and then looking at the practical ways that the values can be lived out and the challenges posed thereby. 
Personal reflection on Values

Whilst these discussions were of course central to the day and sparked a new sense of being cognisant of and interrogating one’s own values, it wouldn’t have been complete without laughs and fellowship around the lunch table. We enjoyed a hearty lunch which gave the team ample energy to see through the day. 

Glorious food on a glorious day!
Missing the rest of the team

At the end of these discussions, we as a team could all agree that we want to move forward being completely mindful of what it is that we value and how we want to continually strive for excellence both personally and as a team. We left knowing that we share a common vision for our firm which is realised through building and maintaining meaningful relationships with our clients and with each other, and by practicing the law with integrity. We are excited to share more on this topic once we have fully processed the outcomes of the values session in order to take this process to the next level. 

One Team, One Dream!

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